Wednesday, August 13, 2008

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Art historians outraged over Berlusconi decision over paintingThe Italian prime minister reportedly ordered that a bare breast in an 18th-century piece of art be painted over so that it does not appear behind him during press conferences. <>

Witness: Mega-preacher's wife threw tantrum <>

Cop demands free Starbucks, gets suspension <>

Art Review 'Implant': Yes, the Live Music Is Lovely, but Will the Plants Like It?Green art is flourishing, improbably, in a Midtown office building, in a show called “Implant” at the UBS Art Gallery. <>

FBI to Review Raid That Killed Mayor's Dogs <>

32 research monkeys die in accident at Nevada labThirty-two research monkeys at a Nevada laboratory died because human errors made the room too hot, officials for the drug company that runs the lab said Thursday. Animal rights activists complain the company took too long to report the deaths.... <>

K2 and Its Consequences One inevitable measure of a mountain is simply how often climbers escape with their lives. By that standard, K2 stands almost alone in the world. <>

Dogs can 'catch' human yawns <>

National Institute for Research Advancement (NIRA) Center for PolicyResearchlist of think tanks <>

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