Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Britain under attack from cyber foreign security terrorists, report warnsBritain is under regular cyber attack over the internet by "foreign intelligence organisations" thought to include China and Russia, it has emerged. <>

Report: Hackers No Longer Need Networks to Intrude <>

Internet Security Hole RevealedA researcher discloses the details of the major flaw he discovered earlier this year. <>

Reporters booted from conference for hacking <>

Internet2 To Support GENI Project Office (GPO) <>

Black Hat: Windows Jingle Attack ExposedThe latest scheme steals data by encoding a user's password into audio data and concealing that data in the Windows startup tone for decoding later, researchers reveal. <>

Cloud Computing's Perfect Storm?An Intel, Yahoo, and HP initiative will use large-scale research projects to test a new Internet-based computing infrastructure. <>

General Dynamics Gets Contract for Adding PSTN FeatureThe Sectera vIPer Phone is the only VoIP phone certified by the NSA for protecting information that has been classified as Top Secret <>

Internet Pharmacy Conspiracy Guilty PleasTwo physicians have pleaded guilty to conspiracy for their participation in an Internet pharmacy business that generated more than $126 million in gross revenues from the illegal sale of prescription pharmaceuticals, Acting Assistant Attorney General Matthew Friedrich of the Criminal Division and U.S. Attorney Karen P. Hewitt for the Southern District of California announced today. <>

AJAX World RIA Conference: Web 3.0 and the Age of Intelligence <>

Nokia Growth Partners has an additional commitment of USD 150 million from Nokia, increasing funds under management for direct investments to USD 250 million. Nokia began sponsoring funds and promoting venture investments in 1998 as a catalyst for innovation in the mobile industry. Nokia commitments to venture funding activities to date exceed USD 900 million. <>

Sybase® Unwired Platform <>

Modern sleuths from law offices are hot on corporate espionage trail <>

Sales in China raise Lenovo profitThe Lenovo Group, the PC maker, said that its quarterly profit rose 65 percent as strong sales in China and emerging economies offset weakness in the United States. <>

Speak up, a computer is listeningEver since "Star Trek," we've dreamed of being able to give our computers spoken orders. NaturallySpeaking 10, available Thursday, takes some baby steps in the right direction. <>

Retail Hacking, ID Theft SchemeEleven perpetrators allegedly involved in the hacking of nine major U.S. retailers and the theft and sale of more than 40 million credit and debit card numbers have been charged with numerous crimes, including conspiracy, computer intrusion, fraud and identity theft, <>

Tracking a Shopper's Habits Infosys's sensor network turns stores into mini-Internets. <>

Video Microblogging Has ArrivedA San Francisco-based startup called 12seconds is a video version of Twitter, but how useful will it be? <>

A New View for DocumentsBrowser-based technologies aim to make it easier to view documents online. <>

Better Batteries Charge UpA startup reports progress on a battery that stores more energy than lithium-ion ones. <>

Compressing LightA new way to confine light could enable better optical communications and computing. <>

Britain is at risk from Chinese internet attacks <>

Bits: Why ‘Tibet’ Can’t Be in a Hotmail AddressMicrosoft is not letting people choose usernames with the word “Tibet” in them when signing up for its online services. But it has an explanation — and it’s not political. <>

Know thy enemy with France's spy softwareIntricate spy software has helped France's handballers improve their game and head coach Philippe Bana was hoping to see the dividends at the upcoming Olympics. <>

Modern sleuths from law offices are hot on corporate espionage trail <>

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