Monday, July 21, 2008

S&T - Energy


A Better Solar CollectorA more efficient way to concentrate sunlight could reduce the cost ofproducing solar power. <>

India's Nuclear Pact With U.S. Near Completion <>


IsleRose said...

I like your avatar icon, it really expresses "man's best friend" in a real way!

One of the issues with solar power is finding a location large enough to store the batteries - it would be nice to have smaller, long lasting batteries, then everyone will be using solar energy!

Chris' Blog said...

At my place of work they are talking about a super conductor that is very efficient at trapping heat. They want to combine this with an old ammonia system to provide free air conditioning and heating using solar energy. If this comes into fruition, it would be a great advancement.

wincoder said...

Superconductors as usually used to create large magnetic fields with large currents. In a sense they are storing electrical energy. To make them work, most of them need to be super cooled. How do you see that a superconductor can store heat?


Jason said...

Did you fall off the world Al?

askill said...

Jason: Problem with ISP. Sprint decided to leave us high and dry when they cancelled Sprint Broadband.