Monday, July 21, 2008



Social Accessibility ProjectA unique Social Accessibility collaboration software has been developed byIBM (NYSE: IBM) Research, which allows Internet users to improve Webaccessibility, particularly for those who are visually impaired. <>

High Cost of Driving Ignites Online Classes Boom <>

Software Piracy White Paper, Microsoft <>

Data discoveryHow confidential files were found in a disused hospital <>

The Government and Your LaptopCongress should pass a law that allows the government to look at data onlaptops only when it has a reasonable suspicion about the specific personbeing searched. <>

The FCC's Compromiser in Chief <>

A Patch to Fix the NetA major flaw in the basic design of the Internet is being repaired by alarge group of vendors working in concert. <>

An Imminent Victory for 'Net Neutrality' AdvocatesIf regulators penalize Comcast for blocking some Internet file downloads, itwould be a victory for advocates of an open Internet. But it could end upaccelerating the move by Internet providers to make heavy users charge more. <>

Women Turning to Internet for Risky At-Home Abortions <,2933,380450,00.html>,2933,380450,00.html

AT&T and AOL Agree to Fight Child PornographyAT&T and America Online have agreed to eliminate access to child pornographyon newsgroups and their servers. <>

A cartoonlike way to chat from Google <>

Yahoo Is Inviting Partners to Build on Its Search PowerYahoo wants to enlist a small army of search start-ups as allies in the hopethat collectively they will be able to stop the Google juggernaut. <>

FCC chief says Comcast violated Internet rules <">>

Asia underground market awaits iPhone <">>

Bringing Bangladesh into the Internet age <>

Mapping Infectious DiseasesA system maps outbreaks culled from Internet news sites. <>

Making a Modern 3-D MovieJourney to the Center of the Earth 3-D shows off Hollywood's most advancedtechnology. <>

Storage And Security Appliances Strategic Partnership <>

Spintronics In Quantum Computing, ResearchScientists funded by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research have used asingle photon technique to observe the evolution of individual electronspins in semiconductor nanostructures. <>

Digging a Smarter CrowdDigg's new recommendation system, like the site, relies on the wisdom ofcrowds. <>

"Plug and Play" HospitalsMedical devices that exchange data could make hospitals safer. <>

IA Digest - 10 July 2008How Magic Might Fully Fix Your Computer (RedTape Chronicles, 07/07/2008)URL: <>

IC Sees Major Hole in Cyber Security (, 07/08/2008)URL: <> Realities Setting In (AIM Points, 07/09/2008)URL: <>

Advocate Pushes IRS To Confront Identity Theft (Federal Computer Week,07/08/2008)URL: <>

Test Your Information-Security IQ: How Do You Rate? (NewsFactor, 07/09/2008)URL: <> Toll Hacked, Exposing Privacy Dangers (darkREADING, 07/09/2008)URL: <>

What Brought On Many Changes (Strategy Page, 07/09/2008)URL: <>

Has US Army invaded Iran? Hackers Would Like You to Think So, Sophos Reports(Sophos, 07/09/2008)URL: <">>

Trojan Horse Virus Hits Tourism Website (Royal Gazette, 07/09/2008)URL: <">>

Hackers Gang Up On Kaminsky Over DNS Flaw (IDG News Service, 07/10/2008)URL: <>

Internet Bug Fix Spawns Backlash From Hackers (IDG News Service, 07/10/2008)URL: <">>

U.S. Army Challenges USAF on Network Warfare (Network World, 07/07/2008)URL: <">>

Open Source Project Launches New Tool (InfoWorld, 07/10/2008)URL: <">>

Yahoo's Desperate Search Times Call for Open Source (ZDNet News,07/10/2008)URL: <>

Microsoft Offers Free Vista-to-XP Downgrade Help (ComputerWorld, 07/09/2008)URL: <">>

Microsoft Confirms Active Word Attacks (ComputerWorld, 07/08/2008)URL: <">>

Summary: Acknowledges zero-day exploits just hours after posting month'spatches.Microsoft Warns of Attacks on Word (SecurityFocus, 07/09/2008)URL: <>

Microsoft Warns of ActiveX Attack (SecurityFocus, 07/08/2008)URL: <>

Massive Patch Coming for DNS Vulnerability (Government Computer News,07/08/2008)URL: <">>

Attacking Phishing at the Source (ZDNet News, 07/09/2008)URL: <>

Gmail, PayPal and Ebay Embrace DomainKeys to Fight Phishing Emails (ZDNetNews, 07/09/2008)URL: <>

Botnets Winning Spam Wars, Says Report (TechWorld, 07/09/2008)URL: <>

Gmail: The Choice of Spammers? (, 07/09/2008)URL: <>

Apps Fighting on the Same Side (Government Computer News, 07/07/2008)URL: <>

Cybercriminals in Web 2.0 Goldrush (ComputerWeekly, 07/08/2008)URL: <>

The Extended HTML Form Attack Revisited (HelpNetSecurity, 07/09/2008)URL: <>

Report Advocates Better Training For Wireless Internet Users (GovernmentExecutive, 07/08/2008)URL: <>

IA Digest - 07 July 2008Quantum Leap for Secure Comms? (ITWeb, 07/07/2008)URL: <">>

Iraq Embarks on Technology Path (Signal Magazine, 07/01/2008)URL: <">>

$1m Prize for Cracking 'Unbreakable' Encryption (, 07/07/2008)URL: <>

Jobsite Hack Used to Market Identity Harvesting Services (The Register,07/07/2008)URL:<>

New DHS Rule Would Collect More Info (Federal Computer Week, 07/07/2008)URL: <">>

TWIC Status Check (Federal Computer Week, 07/07/2008)URL: <>

Collaboration Key to Network Warfare (Signal Magazine, 07/01/2008)URL: <">>

Google Trying to Take Privacy Seriously (ZDNet News, 07/05/2008)URL: <>

Data Leaks Emerge As Worst Security Threat (, 07/07/2008)URL:<>

Cybereye Consumer, Protect Thyself (Government Computer News, 07/07/2008)URL:<>

Citibank Debit Card Fraud Highlights ATM Vulnerabilities (ComputerWorld,07/07/2008)URL: <">>

4th of July Malware Attack Targets Holidaying American Computer Users(Sophos, 07/04/2008)URL: <>

Ed Amoroso The Big Picture of Network Security (Government Computer News,07/07/2008)URL:<>

Move Your Business from Windows to Linux (PCWorld, 07/07/2008)URL: <>

When Windows 7 Arrives, Will Your PC Be Ready? (InfoWorld, 07/05/2008)URL: <>

Weak Server Aided Russian Cyberattacks (IDG News Service, 07/07/2008)URL: <>

"Important" Fixes To Come in July Patch Release (Enterprise Systems Journal,07/07/2008)URL: <>

Microsoft to Issue Four Security Patches - SQL Server and Exchange in Frame(ComputerWeekly,07/07/2008)URL: <>

Bavaria Sanctions Police Spyware (The Register, 07/07/2008)URL: <>

Virtualization Gains Among European Companies (TechWorld, 07/07/2008)URL: <>

Virtualize Now! or Not (ITWeb, 07/07/2008)URL: <">>

Still More Reasons to Avoid Internet Explorer (CNET News, 07/06/2008)URL: <>

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